Tammy Woroschuk

Tammy Worsochuk, MSW, RSW

I am a Registered Social Worker with over 20 years in the helping profession. I am authorized to perform restricted activities.  I have extensive experience helping people navigate through various life events/stressors and I have provided support service to individuals across all ages.  

My counselling practice is trauma-informed, relationship-based, non-judgmental, motivational and solution-focused. I will work with you to identify your strengths and will collaborate for your health and happiness. I am passionate about working with children & youth, adults, families and seniors.

Certificates include: 

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Certificate in Adjustment Counselling 

Certificate in Concurrent Disorders 

Certificate in Solution Focused Counselling

Certificate in Motivational Interviewing Level 1 & Level 2

Certificate in Portable Play Based School & Outreach  Counselling 

(Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Ins.)

Go To Educator Mental Health Master Training (Dr. Stan Kutcher)

Email me at: tammy@guidedpathcg.ca  


Dame Rev. Tami Petroski, Apothec Naturals and Wellness Clinic

 Tami,  RPN, RN, BScN, CCPCPR, DMM, PhD, is classically trained in Conventional or Western medicine having completed studies as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in 1984 and Registered Nurse in 1989. She furthered her studies obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 2008 from the University of Alberta. After graduating from the University of Alberta, her penchant for learning did not wane and she attended post-graduate studies at Walden University for 2 years enhancing her skills and knowledge in Clinical Psychology.

Over 30 years of practicing, both as a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and a Registered Nurse, Tami developed a deep understanding of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and that health is multi-factorial and treatments must also take a ‘whole-istic’ and non-linear approach.
Experiencing a paradigm shift, Tami began to pursue a path in Natural and Monastic Medicine. Having completed post-graduate studies in Bioregulatory Medicine she was awarded with a Doctorate of Natural Medicine from the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners Canada and the World Board of Natural Medicine. All EBNMP practitioners adhere to the World Health Organizations Benchmarks for Training in Traditional/Complementary and Alternative Medicine.