Parent Supports including FSCD

Specialized Services for Children with Severe Disabilities

Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral or Developmental Supports

Early Childhood Development & Early Intervention

Family & Caregiver Supports

Psycho-Educational Assessments

Specialized Services for Children with Disabilities

Using our multi-disciplinary team, we will work with families to help them learn specific skills and strategies to promote their children's development, participation daily activities, and meet unique disability-related needs while maintaining healthy family functioning. 

We provide in office counseling in Edmonton including families in St. Albert and Sherwood Park. We can provide online/phone counselling to those outside of that area. 

 Parents- We can direct bill FSCD. 

Our team consists of Psychologist, Behavioral and Developmental Specialists, Registered Social Workers  and Speech and Language Pathologists. 

Behavior Assessment & Supports


Behavioral Assessments and Developmental Supports

"Peoples behaviors make sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs and motives"- Thomas Mann

We provide goal oriented services to assist families in learning and implementing strategies to help manage behaviors and promote development. 

We will provide an assessment of behavior, including examining the triggers of the behaviors and formulate strategies and develop and individual service plan for success. Observations of the individual will occur in more one environment to help ensure appropriate strategies are provided. 

Early Childhood Development & Early Intervention

Understanding that the greatest learning for children takes place between the ages of birth and 5 years, we focus on strengthening parent skills through one on one support and group support. Our staff are Triple P trained facilitators.  

We offer: 

- parent education and support

- in home parent coaching

- information and referrals

- case management 

Please call us to find out more information.

Family & Caregiver Supports

Parenting can be tough and children do not come with a manual.

Sometimes we can struggle to understand our child's behaviors and why parenting can be so difficult at times. If you are needing help in your journey as a parent and are wanting help getting the results as you desire, we are here to help you in your parenting journey. 

We are able to offer you guidance on how to better address the needs and behaviors of our child. Support takes place in your home over a series of sessions and is focused on helping empower you are the parent. 

Please call us to find out more information.


Psycho-Educational Assessments

Service provided by Shawna Beniot, R.Psych.

Psycho-educational assessments evaluate thinking/reasoning abilities and underlying learning processes, academic achievement, behavioral and social-emotional functioning in the context of developmental stage in comparison to others.

Shawna is a Registered Psychologist with extensive experience with conducting psycho-educational assessments.