Where do counselling sessions take place?

We provide counselling sessions within our partner agency, Apothec Naturals and Wellness Clinic at 

3829 118 Avenue Edmonton, AB. 

If services are being requested for an individual with mobility concerns, or a senior please contact us for discussion about alternative arrangements for an in home session. 

What are your counselling fees?

Our rates range from 75.00 for phone and online sessions to 150.00 for in person sessions. We also offer a sliding scale fee for individuals with lower income and/or student.

Cash, e -transfer, & credit cards accepted.

Please contact your insurance company as most plans will reimburse the cost of fees associated for counselling – the needed receipts will be provided. Direct billing is available for Alberta Blue Cross, ASEBP and Green Shield. Please inform us of your insurance company and we will endeavor to assist with direct billing. 

Who are your counselling clients?

We are inclusive and non-discriminatory in our practice and provide counselling services to any population, including:

- all ages including: children, youth, adults and seniors

- individuals identifying with gender and sexual minorities

- Indigenous peoples

- all faiths, religions and cultures 

We specialize in providing parenting and co-parenting supports for parents who are seeking to become a stronger parent. 

Can I book an intake session?

 Yes, please contact us to find out more about our services and allow us to find out more about what services you are seeking. 

What is a SAFE Home Assessment/Study?

When you are considering fostering, adopting or opening your home up for kinship placement, an assessment of your home is required to be completed. There are several steps to a SAFE Home Assessment/Study including questionnaires, interviews, Police and Child Intervention Checks, and one or more visits to your home.